In 2017 the Sydney Basin Symposium celebrated its 40th Anniversary. It was held successfully at the Mercure Hunter Valley on the 27-28th of April 2017. There were approximately 140 attendees. Congratulations must go to the Symposium Planning Committee for their fantastic efforts in organising such as successful and well enjoyed event.

The theme of the 40th Symposium was “Weathering Change”, focussing upon both the changing times in the industry, changing environmental considerations, and the sedimentary nature of the basin.

A wide range of topics were presented at the ‘Sydney Basin Symposium’, with the program available here.

Initiated by the University of Newcastle in 1966, the long-running series of symposia on ‘Advances in the Study of the Sydney Basin’ has become a well established focal point for the discussion of research findings and other studies of academic, industrial and community interest for one of the most significant geological provinces in Australia. It is important to ensure that the Sydney Basin symposium is continued in order to preserve not only the event’s long and rich history, but to provide a forum in which geoscientists from academia, government, industry and the community can share knowledge regarding advancing the understanding of the major sedimentary basins of Eastern Australia.

Congratulations to Kim Bayly and Alexander Wheeler who were awarded with best presentations of the symposium.

The CGC extends thanks to those many people involved in the planning and execution of the event, but particularly to Tom Bradbury, Laura Talbot, Mark Dawson, Cheryl Holz, Agi Burra, Chris Knight, Kev Ruming, Nicole Watt, Sue Fletcher and Tom Soleymanbik.