Voice for Coal Geology in NSW

The Coalfield Geology Council of NSW provides advice to government, standards for the industry and a forum for the exchange of information, views and ideas. The council provides an opportunity to meet with peers and to influence the directions that research, standards and government requirements take.

Professional Development

The CGC NSW has an active role in developing and delivering training courses which relate to coal geology. It is also the organising body for the Sydney Basin Symposium. The CGC NSW has facilitated honours projects and vacation employment through members’ companies.

Forum for Shared Knowledge

The CGC meeting four times a year at locations around NSW. The Council visits mine sites, exploration projects and research centres. In addition to technical talks, the meetings facilitate sharing knowledge, experience and stories of old and new generations of coal geologists.

News and Upcoming Events

40th Sydney Basin Symposium - 2017 - Hunter Valley

In 2017 the Sydney Basin Symposium celebrated its 40th Anniversary.…

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Welcome to the new Coalfield Geology Council website. This will…